Discover life at Ritchie Bros: meet Amy, Sales Graduate.

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Recruiting Amy Unzicker

Amy kicked off her career in the Sales Graduate Program. You can too!

We sat down with Amy, a graduate of the Sales Graduate Program, to discover how she developed her career at Ritchie Bros. Amy completed the program in 2016 and she is now a Territory Manager covering Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

How did you end up at Ritchie Bros.?

After working in the dietetics field, I knew it wasn’t right for me. I went back to the family farm, where I worked at my father’s forklift company selling, running our website and attending farm shows.

My father has been a Ritchie Bros.’ customer for over 10 years, and in 2015 we flew to a Houston sale together. Seeing the excitement there, I knew I wanted to join Ritchie Bros. I applied and I was hired as a Territory Sales Support for the Agriculture segment. I knew this was just an entry point; and I was excited to dive deeper into the company. This is where the Sales Graduate Program came in. The thought of having my own territory – to help drive business in the agriculture industry – was something I couldn’t pass up. I began the program in February 2016 and six months later I reached my goal: becoming a Territory Sales Manager.

Amy at work in the Ritchie Bros. auction yard office

Can you tell us about your first few weeks?

Even though I am a very outgoing person, I was a little nervous about working in the yard with the boys. I grew up on the farm and I was constantly around equipment and trucks, so that part didn’t scare me. I think some individuals were unsure of my knowledge of the equipment and if I could help set up the yard. I demonstrated my knowledge and work ethic and I was quickly “one of the guys”.  I had a great experience with the team. You can’t be afraid to jump right in, it’s the best way to learn the company and the industry.

Amy helping a Ritchie Bros. customer

What can you tell us about your experience working in this industry?

I am often out on the road, talking to customers, cold calling and letting people know about Ritchie Bros. there’s never a dull day. I recently represented Ritchie Bros. at a used equipment marketing meeting which was my first “big gig.” I was extremely nervous about having all these men staring at me while I talked about equipment and the market. Ritchie Bros. provided me an environment to build my confidence and I quickly overcame that nervousness. Being a female in this industry isn’t always easy but this is what motivates me to be the best I can be. My customers will tell you, I know what I am talking about and that I’m considered a trusted advisor to them

How did the Sales Graduate Program help you become a Territory Sales Manager?

It has been a huge reason why I have been so successful as a Territory Sales Manager. Having a great mentor in the field also gave me the confidence to be me. I know there are individuals in this industry who don’t think women belong, which is even more of a driving force for myself to prove them wrong. If you are thinking about joining the Sales Graduate Program, my advice would be: don’t think twice, just do it. This company is passionate about providing a safe place to learn and they will help you every step of the way.

If you are an ambitious post-secondary graduate or student looking to make a difference in a company, Ritchie Bros. and the Sales Graduate Program is the perfect place to kick off your career.

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