Arron Hutcheon on selling farm equipment with Ritchie Bros. in Australia

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3rd generation farm equipment dealer finds confidence in unreserved auctions

Arron Hutcheon, owner of Hutcheon & Pearce.

Through the generations...

If you found yourself at any of the past six Ritchie Bros. auctions in Geelong, Victoria, you would have seen some of Hutcheon & Pearce’s equipment roll past on the ramp. For Hutcheon & Pearce’s owner, Arron Hutcheon, selling equipment with Ritchie Bros. is now simply part of their business process—and it’s a business that has seen a lot of change since its inception in 1953.

Hutcheon & Pearce, a successful farm equipment dealer in southern New South Wales, began over 60 years ago as a service station. Arron’s grandfather ran things at first, buying car franchises before eventually venturing into agriculture. He started selling tractors in 1965, and became a New Holland and Case dealer in the 70s. The company became a John Deere dealer in 1983. Meanwhile, Arron’s father took over the business, and in 2001, Arron too found himself working for the family business. It was something that seemed only natural.

“I’ve grown up in and around the business,” Arron says. “I grew up driving farm equipment at a very early age. I live on a farm, and I’ve always been passionate about farm machinery. I used to spend all my spare time in the business with my father. I’ve worked in every department of the business. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else.”

Finding confidence in Ritchie Bros.

When Arron first heard of Ritchie Bros. and considered selling surplus farm equipment by unreserved auction, he admits he was a little apprehensive.

“It scared the hell out of me, to be honest,” Arron says with a chuckle. “We were quite worried, but now I don’t even think about it.”

When it comes to Ritchie Bros., Arron has a confidence that stems from his earliest experiences at a Ritchie Bros. auction.

“I was absolutely blown away by the bidding audience, both online and in the facility there,” he says. “It takes a lot of effort out of the equation when you can sell your equipment and be guaranteed quick payment. Ritchie Bros. makes it easy.”

Equipment sold in Brisbane, Australia.

A “proven track record”

Ritchie Bros. is now a permanent consideration in Hutcheon & Pearce’s business process, something that has reaped benefits for Arron’s company in key ways.

“Ritchie Bros. has formed a working business relationship with us,” he says. “Ritchie Bros. filled a need we had in our business that’s helped us achieve a higher sales value for certain identified pieces.”

Ultimately, for Arron, the proof is in the pudding.

“Ritchie Bros. has got a proven track record globally,” he says. “The process works and so you know what to expect when you go down to their auctions. I think they do auctions better than anyone else, and it gives me confidence that they’re going to achieve the best price at the end of the day.”

Sell your equipment with Ritchie Bros.

Thousands of companies sell equipment with Ritchie bros. every year—from one item to a complete dispersal. Learn more about selling farm equipment with Ritchie Bros., or contact us to discuss your options.

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